Every girl loves them, covets them, hides them from their spouses, wishes for them, oohs and ahhs over them.

But not everyone.

Some of us have feet that do not cooperate with the shoes of our dreams. NO. They cause us untold misery, pain and much gritting of teeth (and no I’m not talking about the credit card bill).

Unfortunately as one gets older certain body parts decide to pack up shop and go on strike. So it was with me. A big toe that had been sore when walking worsened and an xray confirmed severe osteoarthritis. Two years later, I got the same diagnosis in the other big toe and most of the joint.

By the time I found FRANKiE4 shoes I was in bad shape and the laughing stock of the corporate world. Suffice to say there was nothing on the market that I could wear on my feet in the corporate world that didn’t make me want to curl up in the corner and die.

Until FRANKiE4.

Nikki Parkinson from Styling You did a story on them and ‘that day last summer’ I tried on a pair of wedges and walked around the shop – PAIN FREE – IN WEDGES! I brought them on the spot as I was quietly weeping in gratitude. I sold all my shoes on Ebay and have worn them ever since.

Designed by a Podiatrist and Physiotherapist, the functional footbed is built into sandals and heels and removable in boots and flats. The heel support, arch support and forefront cushioning made all the difference for me. The only shoes I can wear with a heel are my Frankies and this is because of the extra cushioning under the footbed.

FRANKiE4 shoes are the bomb. They are worth.every.cent. And I get goose bumps now waiting for their new range.

Check them out as soon as possible. You’re welcome 🙂

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