Hi! I’m Gaby from 50 in the City.
I’m a mother, aged 50+ with two young adults who tell me they are about to become independent (Hallelujah!). Join me as I Live-Eat-Travel-Explore life sans kids.
I hope to share my exploration and journey with you.
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Womens Health Series – Surviving shoulder surgery

Women’s Health Series
My shoulder surgery

In December 2018 I underwent shoulder surgery after suffering pain for 18 months. At the time I thought it was old age but as the pain got worse and started to affect my sleep, I knew something wasn’t right.

My first point of call was an appointment with my GP who promptly ordered an X-ray and Ultrasound. The X-ray was done first and as is my practice (Hey I’m a journalist what can I say),

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Melbourne’s own TREASURE trove

Recently my daughter and I went to Melbourne for a 3-day sojourn. I was born in Melbourne and love any opportunity to visit but my daughter had never been there. With her TAFE Patisserie studies about to finish, I thought a visit to Melbourne and its many patisseries and delicatessens was in order.

But where to stay?

Initially I looked on Trip Advisor and Bookings.com and read the reviews. For this visit I decided to stay in the CBD.

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Warning – this post may contain wee

I have a WEE problem …

There I said it out loud!!!  All jokes aside, there’s no doubt that bladder control can become more difficult as you get older. Currently an estimated 4 million Australians suffer from bladder control problems and women are much more likely to suffer from incontinence. Most issues can be diagnosed, treated and cured but getting the help you need is really important. And there’s nothing to be ashamed of either!

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