Recently my daughter and I went to Melbourne for a 3-day sojourn. I was born in Melbourne and love any opportunity to visit but my daughter had never been there. With her TAFE Patisserie studies about to finish, I thought a visit to Melbourne and its many patisseries and delicatessens was in order.

But where to stay?

Initially I looked on Trip Advisor and and read the reviews. For this visit I decided to stay in the CBD. We were only there for a short visit and I didn’t want to waste time travelling. But let’s be clear, there are a lot of hotels in Melbourne’s CBD with a hotel on every block. Call me a rebel but I just feel jaded with the cookie cutter, run of the mill, ostentatious hotels that seem to be springing up on every city block. Boring hotels with equally bored, uninspired hotel staff and bland hotel rooms. You know the ones, right?

Enter Treasury Hotel on Collins (aka TOC). This hotel kept popping up consistently with brilliant reviews. One block from Bourke St Mall, a restaurant, cocktail bar, Nespresso machines and more. Quite frankly they had me at ‘Cocktail bar’ but book directly with them and score a whole lot more. In fact, direct booking will save you money PLUS upgraded rooms (when possible), access to their Mezzanine floor where you get FREE all-day drinks and snacks, FREE in-room Netflix, FREE continental breakfast, FREE Wi-Fi and FREE wine down between 4- 6pm on the Mezzanine floor (only those booking direct get all these freebies). quoted me $726.00 for 3 nights. Booking direct with Treasury on Collins I paid $630.00. A saving of $96.00!

From check-in to check-out we were taken care of. We arrived early, left our bags at reception and took off in search of cakes and pastries. Hey, it was, a ‘Cake/Pastry’ tour ok?

A text message from the hotel saw us arrive back at the hotel before our room was actually ready but we whiled away some time relaxing, eating and enjoying a coffee on the Mezzanine level while we waited. Reception presented us with a bottle of sparkling by way of an apology and took us to our UPGRADED room (a delay I was happy about :-)) which was enormous (Heritage one bedroom suite). A huge lounge complete with a flat screen tv, Nespresso machine and 3 complimentary pods, a complete working kitchen and little pack of Molten Brown products as a thank you gift for booking with them directly.

The bedroom was equally large with 2 big twin beds, another flat screen tv and a fully appointed bathroom with complimentary Molten Brown products. There was also a wash/dryer for longer stays.

From start to finish it was clear a lot of thought had gone not only into the running of the hotel but all those little ‘PERKS’ that travellers like in a hotel.

Originally the site of ANZ bank, Treasury on Collins is an independently owned boutique hotel. They are not attached to any of the big hotel names and this is what makes them so unique. Whilst you can book via travel booking websites, TOC would rather They listen to their customers’ needs and talk to everyone during their stay. None of this apologising on Trip Advisor after the event with a message saying ‘we’re sorry we stuffed up, please come back and stay with us again’. No, TOC prefer to work differently. They keep in contact with you via text message and email during your entire stay. Any problems during your stay and they’ll sort it immediately. They make sure you are having a good time while you are there.

Breakfast on the Mezzanine is great, everyone is catered for. Wine-down was loads of fun, it was actually the first time my 18yo daughter and I had a drink together and played pool. And the wine was very good quality with heaps of free nibblies. The cocktail bar was also good, we went there 2 nights in a row and worked our way through the cocktail menu. We didn’t eat at the restaurant because there weren’t enough vegetarian options for us, but there were plenty of good eating establishments nearby. We noticed a lot of UBER eats deliveries so that is also an option if you want to eat in.

If you are looking for a great hotel in Melbourne, this is the place to stay. Melbourne’s own treasure trove. No treasure map needed!



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