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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hollywood

There was much excitement in our Muggle house when we realised Universal Studios in Hollywood was opening a Harry Potter attraction just before we were due to visit in November.

We visited Universal Studios as part of their VIP Experience. You can read about our day here. Unfortunately I fell ill at the tail end of our VIP day so I didn’t get to fully experience Harry Potter as that was the last stop on the tour,

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Why going back is good…

You know the saying. “Don’t look back.” “The past is past.”

Even Tony Robbins, life coach extraordinaire says, “Everybody’s got a past. The past does not equal the future unless you live there.”

In fact, if you type ‘Don’t dwell’ into Google it automatically fills in the rest of the sentence for you… ‘Don’t dwell on the past’.

But wait there’s more. The Bible states “Do not call to mind the former things,

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