There was much excitement in our Muggle house when we realised Universal Studios in Hollywood was opening a Harry Potter attraction just before we were due to visit in November.

We visited Universal Studios as part of their VIP Experience. You can read about our day here. Unfortunately I fell ill at the tail end of our VIP day so I didn’t get to fully experience Harry Potter as that was the last stop on the tour, so we went back at night for a couple of hours when I was feeling better and there were no queues or wait times.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is located on the upper lot at Universal Studios Hollywood and is easy to find as you go through the entrance.

Like the castles at Disney parks, Hogwarts is the main focal point of the attraction. To make it look particularly huge and impressive despite the fact that it’s built at a quarter scale to what the ‘real’ Hogwarts would be, the building takes advantage of forced perspective.



All the staff at Hogwarts are in character and sorted into their respective houses and they will stop and talk to you as you walk around. To really feel part of the experience my last tip is for you to get some house robes and take part in the fun.

Before you leave make sure you check out:

If you are not sure what house you belong to visit and do the sorting ceremony before visiting.

My daughter belongs to Hufflepuff and I belong to Gryffindor, which made for interesting house banter as we walked around. It’s all fun of course, although she got a little too competitive for my liking. It’s obvious that Gryffindor is the best house right?

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