I am now residing in Brisbane, but I left Hobart, Tasmania when I followed my heart in my mid 20s, first to Newcastle NSW before finally settling in Brisvegas. Marriage and babies followed, I got busy with family responsibilities but going back to Tassie again just never eventuated. See my post on ‘Why going back is good.’ which explains some of the other reasons I didn’t go back.

In 2014 a combination of younger daughter going on a ski-trip and an excess of Qantas frequent flyer points meant that older daughter and I had a week to spend together. I booked flights to Tassie flying Qantas, booked accommodation on Booking.com, took the cats to the cattery (much to their absolute horror and disgust) and away we went.

Prior to my trip I planned a basic itinerary. My daughter wanted to see where I grew up, went to school and where I danced up a storm before I became a boring mother (OK I made that part up but I am pretty sure it crossed her mind more than once).

Our accommodation was booked at Zero Davey Apartments. We got a corner apartment that was fabulous (i.e. we could reside in close proximity for 1 week without killing each other!).

Zero Davey is situated on Victoria Dock in Sullivans Cove, right on the water and within walking distance to Constitution Dock, Salamanca Market, the CBD, Battery Point and the MONA ferry service. Parking is available underneath. There are a lot of top quality restaurants in Hobart, many located along Franklin Wharf. Here are just some of my recommendations. But there are so many we didn’t get a chance to eat at.


Daci and Daci Bakers – 11 Murray Street

We ate there every day (it was THAT good). Tripadvisor have rated them as #4 top places to eat in Hobart. Who was I to argue? As Molly would say ‘Do yourself a favour’.

The Mill on Morrison – 11 Morrison Street

Heaps of vegetarian tapas on the menu and the best desserts! Coupled with Tassie wine, I was a happy girl.

Maldini Restaurant – Salamanca Place

Best pasta and wine, and the best part was sitting and watching the boats in the dock. Divine!

Jackman and McRoss (check them out on Facebook) – Hampden Road, Battery Point.

This place has a serious following. There is a good reason they are rated #9 on Tripadvisor for the best places to eat in Hobart. Everything is made from scratch and they are always packed to the rafters. I particularly loved this place because it was housed in a renovated old colonial building. Tres chic!

My daughter requested a nature trip so I took her to the wonderful Tahune Air Walk.

Even for a writer like me it is hard, even now, to adequately describe this place. On the drive in (around 60 mins from Hobart), as we drove slowly around a bend, a lyrebird just happened to be crossing the road. Originally introduced to Tasmania 60 years ago, these birds are extremely shy and rarely spotted. In all my years of living in Tassie I had never seen one so it was a real privilege.

The Tahune AirWalk has breathtaking views across the Huon and Picton Rivers with two steel cable foot bridges across both, including a cable eagle hang glider. The main walking route loops around and takes roughly one hour but there are three other walking and hiking tracks.

The piece de résistance is the AirWalk itself. The AirWalk averages heights between 20-30metres above the forest floor with the cantilever, sitting at a height of 50 metres above the river. The views are breathtaking. I will definitely be returning again.

There was so much to see and do in that week, I will blog some of the other activities we got up to at a later date.

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