Out of all the things I was most concerned about on our recent trip to the US of A, it was data that concerned me the most.

My daughter and I go through 15GB of data a month, and whilst I wouldn’t be doing any work whilst on leave, I did want to keep my social media up to date and access emails and GPS.

Let’s cut to the chase… data packs are expensive.

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There’s no doubt when planning a trip away, the ‘what to pack’ list causes us all some angst.

What’s the weather going to be like over there? How many pairs of shoes should I take (in my case that equates to how many Frankie4 shoes should I take)?

What we really want to know is What’s the least I can pack but still get the most out of my trip?’

I can’t solve your clothing issues,

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Every girl loves them, covets them, hides them from their spouses, wishes for them, oohs and ahhs over them.

But not everyone.

Some of us have feet that do not cooperate with the shoes of our dreams. NO. They cause us untold misery, pain and much gritting of teeth (and no I’m not talking about the credit card bill).

Unfortunately as one gets older certain body parts decide to pack up shop and go on strike.

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Ready for your next big adventure?

Good, so am I!

Wanna be more organised next time and have all the tricks in your handbag? Yeah me too!

That’s why I love this travel kit from the Traveler Kit and Co. Everything you’re likely to need is contained in this small handy little kit (which also happens to be waterproof).

The inventors of this fabulous kit loved the concept of a traveller kit but found others lacking.

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