Ready for your next big adventure?

Good, so am I!

Wanna be more organised next time and have all the tricks in your handbag? Yeah me too!

That’s why I love this travel kit from the Traveler Kit and Co. Everything you’re likely to need is contained in this small handy little kit (which also happens to be waterproof).

The inventors of this fabulous kit loved the concept of a traveller kit but found others lacking. They brainstormed their ideal kit taking into account their desire to minimalise their gear and voila! the traveller kit was born.

Everything from ear plugs to sanitising lotion – this kit has it and more. Available in two sizes.

I really love this concept because everything I need is in one handy pack. There’s dental floss for my teenager who thinks she’s gotten away with packing it; there are ear plugs for those screaming kids at Disneyland (and possibly the hangry teenager); there are bandaids (because lets face it one can never have too many bandaids); pain relief (see hangry teenager above); lip ointment, sleep mask, sunscreen, energy drinks (god knows I’ll need it) and an LED nightlight. This is just to name a few. There is heaps more inside this handy pack.

I will be writing a story on how this pack will save my day in Disneyland, so stay tuned.

Check out their website at and click on their Etsy site.

Just think of the space you’ll save for shopping!

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