Out of all the things I was most concerned about on our recent trip to the US of A, it was data that concerned me the most.

My daughter and I go through 15GB of data a month, and whilst I wouldn’t be doing any work whilst on leave, I did want to keep my social media up to date and access emails and GPS.

Let’s cut to the chase… data packs are expensive. All of the major telcos offer them, one even charging $140.00 for 1.03GB of data for 14 days.

By chance when researching data packs I came across WiWander who offer a pocket Wi-Fi modem with unlimited data for over 47 destinations around the world.

You simply power on the device, which is around the same size as an iPhone 6, connect to its Wi-Fi and you’re good to go. The device needs to be charged every night and comes with its own charging cable, international adaptor and carry bag.

A word of warning though – data on the WiWander isn’t unlimited – data will slow down if you break the Fair Use Policy (which is described as approximate in each case): Unlimited for Singapore; 1GB per day for China, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea and Taiwan; 500MB per day for Europe, Hong Kong, USA, Thailand.

This did cause a few issues for us, mainly at night after using wifi all day. I contacted WiWander while we were in Anaheim and they tweaked the device remotely which made a difference. We occasionally still had issues connecting during the daytime which was frustrating particularly when I was trying to update Instagram or Facebook.

This aside, we loved the convenience of having our own portable mobile hotspot and I would recommend it as a viable option for travellers.


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